Why you need us

You’ll find many ways of making us valuable.
  • First of all we can make words sit up and beg. After years of working in diverse fields with just about every kind of business, we know how to find and broadcast the messages that sell and persuade – brochures, speeches, websites, words for every media.
  • If you want advertising copy, we can produce that.
  • If you need someone to put together a major government or business report, we can do this too.
  • You may wish us to polish a text using existing information – we can make it shine and give material written by committee a powerful and consistent voice.
  • You may need us to prepare case studies to help promote your services or products. If need be we can arrange the people, the itinerary, the photographers
  • Perhaps you may need us to look at the way your business communicates, internally or externally. We can help you improve both areas.
  • You may need us to sharpen the prose of a report or other copy through a combination of editing and rewriting.
  • You might want us to write a speech that suits the speaker’s style and makes the audience sit up
  • You may just want us to run an English ‘health check’ over a draft text

Our job is to make your communication clear and compelling so that your words and messages truly add value to your business, strengthening your brand, motivating your customers and audiences.