The Writers

There are two principal writers offering clients a substantial depth and breadth of capability.

Giles Emerson

Giles has huge experience as a writer for government departments and agencies. He also works for a broad range of private clients. More than 20 years’ experience as a professional writer has left him with an undiminished appetite for new challenges.

He has written about sex, war, gardening, health, banking, crime, young people, the arts, petrochemicals, telecoms, construction, retail, finance…Although mostly a ghost-writer for his clients he has recently published two books in his own name and writes occasionally for major newspapers.

His constant aim is to provide copy that is clear, persuasive and interesting. He advises clients not only on what messages they should deliver, but how and to whom.

Peter Halliday

Peter doesn’t write for pleasure. He’s not a frustrated novelist. He’s never knowingly written a poem. Instead, he’s someone who’s genuinely fascinated by business and just happens to have a way with words.

His background is in corporate communications. In the past, he’s held senior positions with leading PR agencies in Europe and in Asia. He’s also worked in-house, devising, directing and evaluating pan-European PR programmes. He therefore brings keen strategic insight to his work, helping clients really think through their communications challenges – to get the right message across, in the right way, to the right people.

He writes annual reports, white papers, brochures and websites. He also helps companies plan for and participate in live events, from informal roundtable briefings right through to major conferences. In this capacity, he’s written speeches for the leaders of some of the world’s largest and best known companies.

Both Peter and Giles abhor jargon, platitudes and management speak. Instead, they’re always determined to express complex or provocative issues through clear, compelling copy.

We work closely with excellent designers too, like thinkgraphic, a company that does as the name suggests. It is the quality of thought that they put into the design that makes the images and presentation special.
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