Words Professional Writing Services

Welcome to Words Professional Writing Services. On this site we describe how copywriting in the right hands can be powerful, effective and valuable. Our work is not about shop-dressing and prettifying, but about conveying strengths, activities and aims – and compelling information. It's about demonstrating the value of goods, services and strategies. It's about making a direct appeal to people and other businesses. Often it's about setting the direction of travel and spelling out the vision.

As copywriters our main job is to persuade, inform and sell and to do this freshly and clearly. We do not bury meaning in business jargon. We do not clutter the page with acronyms and clichés. We are highly adaptable because of the range of copywriting we do for our clients. This includes presentations, speeches, websites, case studies, editorials and articles, publicity material, brochures, annual reports and strategy documents. We are also accomplished ghostwriters. Don’t ask us for whom but we’re proud of the books. The common factor is that everything we do has to be compelling. It has to make people sit up and come back for more.